Vein Disease

When veins aren’t functioning properly, it can interfere with our health, causing a variety of symptoms.


Our bodies host an intricate network of blood vessels made up of veins and arteries, which carry oxygen-rich blood to and from the heart and to different organs and body parts.  Normal veins direct the flow of blood in one direction with the help of tiny, flap-like valves.  These valves are scattered along the length of the veins and will close preventing blood from flowing in the wrong direction. 

However, age, injury, or genetic predisposition can lead to weakened or damaged vein valves.  When this happens, blood leaks downwards and the veins below the valves become full of excess blood. The increased pressure in these veins can lead to spider veins and varicose veins.  This condition is known as Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI).  Due to gravity, this condition often occur in the legs.  At initial stages, signs and symptoms of CVI are usually minimal. However, over time, leg discomfort tends to increase and more serious complications can arise.

At the Vein Wellness Clinic, our goal is to relieve your symptoms by helping to restore natural vein function of your legs.  We offer several treatment options for CVI, including conservative and minimally invasive therapies.